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“When I’m unpacking and arranging alone, I get distracted, discouraged, can’t make up my mind, and feel like I will never be able to move around and enjoy my new home. When Connie helps, we make progress, and actually make a difference that shows, in a few hours. It’s a fun and a positive modeling experience.”
–M. Kelleher

“As a wife, schoolteacher, and mother of grade-school-age twins, I have a lot of distractions. Connie helped me stay focused on our task of organizing the garage. The space works so much better for us now. My husband is really happy with it!”
–N.H., Aurora, Colorado

“Connie has been working with me for months now. I had a very chaotic, full basement with memorabilia from parents, in-laws, and my deceased husband, as well as remnants of 20 years of college teaching. Add to this my being a clothes-hound keeping about 5 sizes of treasure clothes. Connie systematically and patiently kept me on task. She let me decide what to toss and every once in a while would encourage me to let go of something with her gentle logic.

She took so many things to various recycle or nonprofit places on her own. She organized beautifully, cleaned and carried trash out so quietly I almost missed her work. We are still working together and I look forward to our times together. I appreciate our enjoyable talks about lots of things and her consistent guidance in helping me cleanse my life.”
–Susan B., Greeley

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