525,600 Minutes – Use it Or Lose It

Clear the Space - relish your time

Declutter what you need to to relish the gift of time.

Making a little sign for my office wall with this reminder in song “Seasons of Love” – from the play/movie Rent, about how many little treasures of time we get each year – 525,600 to be exact. When I glance at it I get a gentle nudge to get on with the task at hand, rather than squander too much time in hamster-wheel-type endless loop thoughts and actions that go nowhere. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for taking a break and kicking back to recharge regularly. I just want to make sure that’s really what I’m doing when I wander into a daze, rather than avoiding something I’m procrastinating on. Learning the new, unfamiliar skill, taking care of sometimes-unpleasant business with dispatch, and working my way through a tricky assignment or business strategy session can drag on if I let it, getting in the way of all the creative and satisfying undertakings I could accomplish with those 525,600. It goes right next to the “You go, girl!” sign–and is my way of fighting the much-ingrained tendency to drag my feet like well-contained 7-year-old, instead of the exuberant “I-can-do-anything!” 4-year-old I once was. The gift of those minutes was brought home to me a few days ago, along a stretch of highway in Brighton, Colorado where the speed limit abruptly changes from 65 mph to stoplight.  I slowed and stopped for the yellow-to-red light, dubiously noting the tanker truck traveling a little too close for comfort behind me, and having time only to mentally cross my fingers. In a second the trucker had swerved around me into the left turn lane, run through the intersection and red light and continued down the road. I didn’t even have time to be scared, and my life could have been over. Later I was glad the trucker was a good enough driver to make the dodge, since he clearly wasn’t going to stop for the light…

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