Failure is the new Non-failure – declutter your self-accusations

Everyone has heard some version of the old “you can’t succeed if you don’t make any mistakes, because it means you haven’t taken any action” quote. Yesterday I heard a new twist on the same thought, which blew me away. This person said, ‘If you think mistakes and failures are bad, you’ll never succeed. [Furthermore,] multi-millionaires never look at failures as bad, simply as information.

‘Even if they go bankrupt, which many of them do, they still see it as information, not failure.’ (!!)


I am so ticked off! Why didn’t someone tell me this before?

I could have saved the trouble of beating myself up about a hundred seventy thousand times! What a lot of wasted hours.

Plus I could have been much further along the road to multi-millionaire-hood!

Please don’t talk to me for a little.  I’m still too P.O.’ed.        
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