Why “Feel the Rush?” What’s up with Clear the Space, Inc.’s subtitle?

I was explaining to a young man of my acquaintance why I love helping people declutter and organize.  He’s an extremely hip dude with an amazing sense of self, but he does have some traits that are unusual in this world.  He decided long ago, after watching his beloved parents get pretty goofy under the influence that he would never take up with alcohol.  He’s also stayed away from coffee or tea.  How’s that for unique?

Imagine my shock when I learned this, because did I mention, this guy’s very cool?

And I’m sure he had a few preconceived notions about me, too.

Smiling African American man hears why clearing the space give you a rush.

Clear the Space discusses “Feel the Rush” with cool guy, and scores First Disconcert of the Day

We were talking seriously about how clearing out clutter moves stagnant energy out of the space. I said you (I) feel the rush of that release, even if it’s not my stuff, or my space, but one of my client’s.

Suddenly, I said, “Yeah, I’m just looking for the next high!”

He did an extreme double-take, and I laughed, having scored my first direct disconcert of the day.  I love it when that happens before lunch!

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