Who the Declutter am I?

My name is Connie Ellefson, and today I’m starting on a 30-day challenge issued by WordPress to improve my blog. Clear the Space, Inc.’s blog has been around since sometime in 2010, but in between a fairly non-decluttered “career path” (to use the phrase loosely) that includes writing, organizing, engineering and landscape design, among other things, has tended to languish.

It doesn’t look that old, from the posting dates, but I’m moving them in a slapdash way, to a new website, so the dates are deceptive.

(I just had to veer off briefly into that wee, tedious explanation, ’cause that’s the kind of girl I am; loathe to deceive, but also eager to let you know I’ve been making some kind of effort for a while now…)

In any event, back in about ’06 I started writing a book, called something like “Getting the Junk Out,” and realized gradually that the junk didn’t really stop with all the random, un-used stuff around the house, like everybody else talks about. Clutter can be found in our emotions and in our bodies, too. Hmm.

I came up with 3 broad categories to write about decluttering, “Emotional Space,” “Possessional Space,” and “Physical Body Space.”  Figured I’d write a little booklet on each, and a longer book on all three put together.  I did actually get the first booklet out there in cyberspace:

Book cover for "100 Ways to Clear the Space, and Make Room for your Life" - Part 1 - Declutter and Organize your Possessions

100 Ways to Clear the Space and Make Room for your Dreams–Part One: Declutter and Organize Your Possessions. Order this concise, humorous guide today for just $2.99 – Amazon ebook


Cute, huh?

The others are in the works, and–coming soon!  (Really!  They are!)

You might be thinking my house’s gotta be pretty sparse and organized, seeing as how I’m a professional organizer, and I can tell you that it is, somewhat, but only by default.

Others may be able to create and be all pro-active and stuff in a cluttered environment, but I’m practically paralyzed in one.  Sadly, rooms start disintegrating into chaos when I merely walk through them, so I have to keep my stuff to a minimum, out of pure self-preservation.

Clutter holds me back to an extreme degree, and I’m looking for kindred spirits who don’t want to stint on their passions for the sake of mere manageability (!), but who still want to be able to function adequately, even swimmingly, if for nothing else, to show the naysayers they are wrong.

In short, keeping the rubble to a minimum in one area of life, leaves a little more space for over-committed dreams in another, right?  Like ordering a super-deluxe double cheeseburger, with a glass of water to drink, just to sort of balance things out.

Works for me.

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