Home, sweet decluttered home.

Ever feel like taking a flamethrower to one of your domestic spaces?  Or that your body’s running on molasses and bird cage grit?  Or your emotions are flying off the  roller coaster with nowhere to go but down each and every day?

Clear the Space, Inc. knows just where you’re coming from and has your back

when it comes to decluttering your life, and organizing your karma.  You’ve heard organizing a closet is the best stress release.  We’re here to tell you decluttering anything–body, environment, or favorite neurosis can give you the high of the year.  Lucky for us they’re all related, so start anywhere and feel the rush everywhere!

Clear the Possessional Space

It’s the one most in your face; the one that seems most impossible as we look around at the belongings we can’t bear to let go of.  Believe it or not, it’s actually the easiest place to start!

Clear the Physical Body Space

Heard about those chicken cells kept alive for 29 years at Harvard?  The cellular waste was cleansed away daily, and the only reason they died was because someone forgot to cleanse the waste one day….

Clear the Emotional Space

The biggest elephant in the room.  Emotional clutter is really at the root of the other two, and it can be purged as easily, just not with a checklist of To Not Do’s...


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